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Where Brits in EU27 countries and EU27 citizens in the Britain find common ground

The United Kingdom was a member of the European Union for 42 years.  Now we have to cope with the reality that we are not.  All of the UK will be changed over the next few years, but the new barrier between the UK and the 27 members of the EU immediately affects those for whom it cuts their roots from their chosen residence.

Their feelings, their opinions, their voices risk being unheard and their rights no longer being respected as a consequence.  Voices for Europe exists to counter this.

Voices for Europe provides a platform for all pro European voices (individuals, groups and organisations), in order to enable communication and build a stronger network.

On this website you can:

  • Get your profile listed, so others can get in touch
  • Announce your events, local or national
  • Access useful resources such as contact details for politicians and key remain figures
  • contact us with your advertising requests

Contact Emmy van Deurzen for details.

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