About Us

Welcome to the website of Voices for Europe. 

Our organization was founded in 2015 to provide a platform for the five million people whose lives were about to be dramatically, and in many cases catastrophically, revolutionised by Brexit and who were nevertheless not given a vote in the referendum.

Our strategy during our first five years of existence has been to firmly campaign against Brexit and to vigorously protect the rights of the five million, who were disenfranchised.

From January 2021 our new objectives will be, first and foremost to continue to offer a free and open space for European voices to be heard and unified as we struggle with the reality of isolation from our continent.  We believe it is vital to strengthen this community in order to keep the values of the European project alive in the UK and in our own hearts and minds.  For most of us the EU is a central part of our personal identity and stands for peace, cooperation, prosperity, freedom and fairness.  We think it is crucial to promote these values at this time and to continue creating new bridges and bonds with our continent, at a time when our previous connections have been so rudely and painfully interrupted and severed.

We know that many British people stand with us in wanting to create a better future for Britain and Europe, in which working together is appreciated and encouraged, instead of vilified and thwarted.

We shall support any democratic campaigns for Britain or parts of Britain to re-join the European Union, or to minimize the negative and destructive impact of Brexit, by at least re-joining the single market and customs union, allowing our countries to realign and for our free movement to be re-established.

Anyone who wishes to add their voice to this project is most welcome to join our group.

Our outlook is one of positive action, whilst challenging untruth and injustice, wherever we see it. We seek to provide each other with robust mutual support and understanding.

Our main objective is to provide a platform for all pro European groups and organisations to enable communication and build a stronger network.

All groups can have their own page on this platform to link with their own websites and ensure that everyone is informed about the events they are organizing.
 If you would like to suggest a organisation or an event for inclusion, please contact the Webmaster
We shall support pro European events and advertise them through our Facebook group ‘Voices for Europe’ and our Twitter account: @voiceseurope
Please follow both to help us spread the message.