Voices for Europe are delighted to collaborate with Werner Trapmann (Germany) and Julien Fouchet (France, EU27Voices4UKRemain) to launch the PECS project, a Pan European Citizens Solidarity movement. This aims to encourage citizens across the EU to create a pan European movement for active and engaged solidarity with each other, especially in relation to the rise of extreme right forces. We hope to enable other EU countries to stand in solidarity with pro European groups in the UK to fight Brexit, in first instance.



We are calling upon all EU citizens livening in or outside the EU, British or not, including politicians, to rise against Brexit.

Let’s act for our British friends, our brothers and sisters who want to remain in the EU family.

Now is the time to act, before it’s too late! It is our duty as European citizens to help them.

We must protect Europe as a democratic, peaceful force in the world; the other major world powers will be only to happy see us weakened and dislocated. Some of them have even contributed to bring about this situation, to smash the EU, the world’s leading economic power.

Support EU2Voices4remainUK (Twitter @EU27k), in the name of respect for the law, equal treatment in voting rights, and in the name of European Solidarity, Union and Sympathy. We must oppose Brexit, which is illegal for at least 4 reasons:

  1. Deprivation of voting rights in violation of equal treatment of European citizens (expats, British resident in Overseas and detainees)
  2. Illegal funding of the Leave election campaign in violation of the code of Good Practice on Referendums adopted by the Council of Europe (Section 24 p19)
  3. Absence of any referendum to “Brexit” rom the Euratom treaty and
  4. Absence of constitutional authorisation to leave the EU and Euratom (article 50 TEU) : the illegal referendum was supposedly advisory, and the British parliament did not give express consent.

Long live the Great Europe, a family of European citizens dependent on and supportive of each other


Article about PECS Launch