Music and Creative Activism


Voices for Europe – Emmy van Deurzen

Stand Strong

In Limbo

Rock for Europe

Rock for Europe is organising music events in Chester, Liverpool and Manchester to support the People’s Vote. This is a unique project – a nationwide event using music to spread the message – that Brexit is not a done deal. We must demand a final say on the Brexit deal, with the option to remain. The theme of our event is unity, cultural diversity, and shared European values of peace and democracy.


Sixteen Million Rising

Sixteen Million Rising is the UK’s first and only monthly, grassroots Pro-European Radio Show & Podcast broadcasting perpetually on Mixcloud.


Cartoons and other Art


In the UK seaside town of Margate, “BLOCKBREX.IT” has been emblazoned in huge letters across brutalist tower block Arlington House. From its imposing position by Margate sands it can be seen that the tide is now turning on Brexit. Rob Yates, whose apartment is used for the art installation, had the idea after growing concern about where the country was headed. “We may have voted for a Brexit journey, but we never voted on the destination!” says Rob


SKZ Cartoons

In the wake of the Brexit vote and Trump’s election victory, SKZ considered the question: “If you can’t laugh, what can you do?” and was disappointed to find that most of the options included actual effort: so he started to write cartoons instead…