Rock for Europe

Rock for Europe is organising music events in Chester, Liverpool and Manchester to support the People’s Vote. This is a unique project – a nationwide event using music to spread the message – that Brexit is not a done deal. We must demand a final say on the Brexit deal, with the option to remain.

The theme of our event is unity, cultural diversity, and shared European values of peace and democracy. Music is a powerful way of bringing people together and changing human consciousness. Being part of the EU allows us to live in 27 countries, with full rights of citizenship. We can’t allow the Brexiters to take our freedom away from us so they can achieve their self-serving agendas. So let’s Rock the People’s Vote and take control of our destinies.

Our first event is at Telford’s in Chester on the 22 September. There will be numerous bands and acoustic sets, performances by Trials of Cato, Sonnenberg, Rachel Ashley, Jonathan Tarplee/Blue Yellows, An Croenen Brutsaert and many more! We need to raise £7000 on Gofundme to make this event happen – to pay the musicians and film the event, to raise awareness on social media and the national news.

We will be very grateful for any support that can make this a reality. And what better way than through the power of music, which unites us all. If you believe in the power of music and a united Europe, please make a donation and share this campaign.

Rock for Europe Facebook group

Rock for Europe GofundMe