UKCEN main objective is to promote the acquisition of UK citizenship. Our purpose is support members with the application process for:

  • Permanent Residence Certification
  • Registration Certificate for Qualified Persons
  • Residence Permits for EEA Family Members
  • Children’s registration
  • Adult naturalisation

The UKCEN Team believes that future residence rights can be better guaranteed with appropriate residence documentation. PR and ILR are both pathways towards citizenship and can guarantee EU citizens their access to services and benefits the UK in the same way British citizens can access them.

The group is also involved in various initiatives aimed at putting pressure on the UK Government to take a ‘soft approach’ and allow EU citizens in the UK to obtain settlement in the UK (whether referred to as PR, ILR or “settled status”) without the need for CSI, recognising that carers are workers and allowing those with less of 5 years’ exercising treaty rights to continue their journey towards settlement.

There are a growing number of qualified immigration lawyers on board who regularly contribute to the group various ways, such as answering queries from members, reviewing the group FAQs and putting together briefing documents. They include OISC authorised lawyers as well as solicitors and barristers.


  1. Providing accessible and up-to-date information to those who wish to apply for EEA/QP (Registration Certificate), EEA/PR (Permanent Resident certification), UK citizenship and UK passport. This is done by providing a range of resources, such a FAQs document, which is user-friendly and covers most of the questions asked in the forum. The FAQs document is regularly updated by the admin team with the oversight of the legal team.
  2. Providing online support to individual members with general application queries via direct access to the forum. The online service is managed by the administrators who approve posts on the forum and tag a member of the legal team when advice or more in-depth considerations are needed. Many queries are managed by the admin team if this involves only providing information to individual members.


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