Urgent Advice for Pro EU / Anti Brexit Protests

Film Everything

Don’t rise to anyone trying to get a bad reaction out of you

Some urgent advice to the amazing protestors in this group. A number of us are very aware of the organised smear campaign against remainers by desperate hard leavers, mainly some Tory MPs.

We have had the Mogg incident; a likely fake letter to a constituent of Zac Goldsmith MP; and we have had David Davies MP being aggressive to Steven Bray outside Parliament with the MP pretending to be the victim not the bully. May also looks like she could try to shut down protests against MPs.

The advice is that we must report all examples in the days to come of this smear campaign. We must film all the protests from now on, ideally with two people taking footage from different angles.

At no time must anyone be provoked into a fight by leavers. All incidents though must be reported directly to the police and all details written down straight after the incident.

We live in desperate times now so we must be clued up at all times. We have hard leavers acting as fascists and trying to stage in essence a coup in our country. It will be stopped, otherwise this will only get worse.

Please share this to other groups.