Voices for Europe

Welcome to the website of Voices for Europe. 
Our main objective is to provide a platform for all pro European groups and organisations to enable communication and build a stronger network.
All groups can have their own page on this platform to link with their own websites and ensure that everyone is informed about the events they are organizing.

We shall support pro European events and advertise them through our Facebook group ‘Voices for Europe’ and our Twitter account: @voiceseurope

Please follow both to help us spread the message.

The United Kingdom has been a member of the European Union for 42 years and we believe that the future of the country relies on our continued membership of the EU or at the very least of the single market.

People were confused and ill informed at the time of the referendum and now that it has become clear that Brexit is damaging to Britain, we need to have the courage to think again.

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  1. We are inviting all pro EU groups to join us and let their voice be heard.

    You can have a free page on our website, so that people can come to this one website to browse all the groups and individuals who are campaigning in the UK for the EU.

    We hope this will help all of us to stick together and take heart from the many and varied actions happening. We are not trying to make everyone stick to one message, but to give space to the many diverse voices for Europe that can be heard in the country.

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