Our stance on the European elections

Voices for Europe is a cross-party and non-party political group which was created in May 2016 to provide a forum to support EU citizens. We focus on EU27 citizens in the UK who have been disenfranchised by the referendum and EU citizens moving around the rest of Europe, including Britons in the EU.

We steer clear of individual party affiliations and do not endorse individual political groups or campaigns. We support cross party political campaigns against Brexit, as we believe that collaboration is essential to secure the future of all EU citizens and to ensure peace, freedom, collaboration, trade and prosperity for all. We supported and actively contributed to many national marches and rallies. We value the friendships that we forged across nationalities, beliefs and political affiliations and will continue to nurture those friendships.

Regarding the EU elections, our policy is to encourage people to vote and to engage with the future of Europe. However, we shall not advocate voting for particular parties or individuals. We believe that it is important for the future of the EU that the European Parliament will consist of MEPs who are committed to European unity. We will therefore not allow publicity for anti EU parties on our pages, but encourage publicity for all pro EU parties and also of course will allow posts which encourage debate on issues pertaining to it.

We will continue to post as many relevant news items as possible and will post links to manifestos when these become available, encouraging debate on them. We will continue to campaign for the revocation of article 50, for a second referendum and for voting rights for EU27 citizens in the UK and British citizens in Europe.

We hope you will support us in these campaigns as much as possible by sharing what we post in our group and on our page and what we tweet from our twitter account @voiceseurope

We would really appreciate if you would continue to canvas for our causes and try to convince people to sign our petition for voting rights.

We welcome other like minded groups to submit material about their work for us to publish on the V4E site.

We would also like to point people to the Remain Voter website for some practical advice on how to choose who to vote for.

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